Why did I start a gym?  Why did I start a gym without a bunch of capital, without a niche, and in Columbus, Ohio where gyms are everywhere.  What was I thinking?  This week I got a new client which would normally make me very happy but this week I also lost a client.  Last week I lost a client.  To make matters even worse one person is very late and four people have not done what they have said they will do.

My account is negative $236, my gas tank is on 1/8 of a tank, I have no cash, my fridge is almost empty, my lease is ending at the end of this month, and to top it all off I owe $1200 for my title loan.  I am so close to losing my shit right now.  The joys of entrepreneurship and doing paid in fulls as a gym owner.  Sure it is great to get $400-$1000 at a time but that cuts into the recurring revenue and then I have to do it again.  When that happens and something bad like your significant other quitting their job and totaling your car occurs then what?

We lost about $5000 in income and were already struggling.  My bank account goes negative almost every month.  I think I am great at what I do but maybe I am not.  The only other group training thing I ever went to was a cult like gym.  I know I am hundreds of times better than them as a trainer and person.  There in lies the problem I do not like this cult gym, the lifts they concentrate on, or the craze that has ensued as a result of this phenomenon.  I want to join them but feel like I would be selling my soul.  I would need just 4 clients per year to make it worth it but I do not have the funds at this time.

What do I do?  Go work 3rd shift, do random gigs for $10 an hour, go door to door as a trainer, do a salon weight loss promotion, cancel morning sessions and get a day job, hire a trainer and get a day job, hire a night trainer and get a second shift job, or say FEAR fuck everything and run.  It is so damn tempting.  I could sell all of my stuff for a couple thousand bucks, fly to a third world country, and live like a king for a few months.  Who knows it might be good for my soul.