Jackhammer Strength Training

Jackhammer Strength Training was founded in 2011 4 years after I first became a certified fitness trainer through the ISSA Internaional Sports Sciences Association. I have a Bachelor`s Degree in Sport Management Wellness & Fitness track as well as numerous certifications. Why did I become a trainer? I became a trainer because probably much like you I could not stick with something long term. You see for 9 straight years I would get the workout bug and lift regularly for 6 months straight but then something would happen and I would stop completely. Do you even know why you stopped training the last time you stopped training? I stopped for a variety of reasons including boredom, job changes, and moving.

After 9 years though I decided that if I were to become a trainer and learn a bunch of new exercises that I would never become bored and never stop training. I decided that if I could train continuously I could help others to stay consistent as well. I am proud to say that I have now trained consistently for 15 years. I am even prouder of some of my clients such as Cindy who has been training with me for over 5 years and at 53 years old can knock out pullups and double unders. Sure I have my tried and true exercises but their are so many exercises now in my ever expanding tool box that my clients and I should never get bored of our workouts. I have been a trainer for 10 years in Columbus, Ohio the most competitive market in the world, owned Jackhammer Strength Training for over 6 years, and trained over 2,000 people from stroke victims to Ironman Triathletes.